What are Sanitary Fixtures?

Generally, the fittings or gizmos used for the collection and discharge of waste, or waste matter are termed as sanitary fixtures. Now different types of fixtures are required to perform different functions in a building. They are designed and shaped in a way that they have a non-absorbent surface that can be cleaned easily. If we lay an eye on the types, there is a huge number and styles in all types. There are styles and types for bathrooms and there are styles and types for kitchens.

Washbasins & Sinks

Let’s take washbasins and sinks for instance. The difference between them both is that a washbasin is used for washing hands and face etc. It’s usually made of porcelain or enamelled iron, or sometimes made of pressed steel and plastic. There are bracketed washbasins and pedestal washbasins, now the bracketed can be wall-mounted or table-mounted. There are also two styles in the table-mounted washbasins that are tabletop and under the countertop washbasin. The pedestal one is mounted on a pedestal along the wall it is mounted with.

Now to the sinks. A sink is a rectangular basin used in a kitchen or a laboratory for the cleaning of utensils and, or glassware. They may be made of glazed fire clay, stainless steel, plastic, marble, R.C.C, etc. The different types are top mount, under mount, farmhouse, double bowl, and single bowl.    

Commodes & Urinals

Commodes are usually termed toilets in general use. There are two types of toilets regarding the sitting styles. The first one is the Indian or squatting type and the second one is the European type. In the Indian type, there are two pieces namely the pan and the P or S trap. Footrests are provided on the sides of the pan and the pan has a built-in flushing rim with multiple holes to flush down the content, and the flush with the gravitational factor removes all the content.

Secondly, there is the European type, which is used in a sitting position. It is a single piece consisting of a plastic seat hinged to the appliance in pedestal form. There are two types in the European type as well, the siphonic type and the wash down type. In the wash down the contents are removed by the gravitational flush of water. In the siphonic type, the contents are removed by the siphonic action when the cistern is flushed and water passes through the pan.

Urinals fall under the category of soil gismos and the discharge is connected to the soil pipes either directly or through a trap. They are usually made of stainless steel and glazed earthenware or fire clay. There are two types in it, firstly the bowl type and secondly the stab or stall type.

Faucets & Showers

A faucet is a valve from which water is drawn from a small diameter, directly or indirectly, manually or automatically. There are different types likely the ball faucet, disc faucet, cartridge faucet, and compression faucet. Ball faucets are very common in kitchen sinks, the ball faucet has a single handle that controls a special ball made of plastic or metal inside the body.

Showers are generally known as places used for bathing. In general, it consists of a rod, nozzle pointing towards the user. Most showers have a temperature, spray pressure, and adjustable showerhead nozzle. They are more efficient as they save more water than bathtubs.     

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