Types of Building Materials & their Features


Building materials play an important role in construction. Without building materials, construction is not possible. For quality construction, there is a need to select quality-building materials. Materialz1 is a perfect place where you can not only find quality building materials but also buy online. At Materialz1, you can discover a wide range of brands regarding construction materials. It has all kinds of building materials. Let’s discuss one by one.

Types of Building Materials

Materialz1 has two types of construction materials. Firstly, it has grey materials, and secondly; it has furnishing materials.

Grey Materials at Materialz1

Grey materials are crucial to build a structure. Giving shape and structure to a building, grey materials have primary and central importance to a building. It makes a building functional. It gives an organization system to a building. It would not be wrong to say that they are the building blocks of a building. Grey materials include cementsand, concrete, bricks and many others.

Grey materials are strong, durable and are used to build entire structures. They are not vulnerable to environmental threats like heavy rain, snowfall etc. To build structures, you can use a combination of grey materials in order to balance cost.

Finished/Furnishing Materials at Materialz1

On the other hand, finished/furnishing materials furnish a building and give ambience. They scale up the outlook of a home and accessorize every part of your home. Besides, it increases the beauty of a house. For instance, kitchen and bathroom accessories are furnishing materials. Unlike grey materials, finished materials can be changed frequently. They boost up the aesthetic value of a structure. They are not very sturdy and durable.

At Materialz1, you will find a wide range of grey as well as furnishing materials. Besides, it has a number of brands associated with building materials. Let have a look at them.

     Grey Materials at Materialz1 ·        Sand, cement and crush ·        Bricks and blocks ·        Steel bars and termite ·        Waterproofing and insulation ·        Tiles bond ·        Popular PVC pipes and fittings ·        Dadex PPRC pipes and fittings ·        SPK PPRC pipes and fittings ·        GM UPVC pipes and fittings ·        Popular UPVC pipes and fittings ·        Dadex UPVC pipes and fittings ·        Newage cables ·        Copper gate cables ·        Pakistan cables ·        GM cables ·        Fast cables ·        Networking cables ·        DB backbox ·        Circuit breaker ABB ·        Circuit breaker Schneider ·        Circuit breaker Terasaki ·        Circuit breaker Legrand ·        G.I pipes and fittings ·        Popular PPRC pipes and fittings ·        Miscellaneous  Materials        Furnishing Materials at Materialz1 ·        Floor Tiles ·        Bathroom Tiles ·        Kitchen Tiles ·        Elevation Tiles ·        Marble and Granites ·        Commode & Basin ·       Paints:   Master paints, ICI, dulux, Berger paints, Gobi’s paint, kansai panits. ·        Rope lights ·        Lamination sheets ·        UV sheets ·        Door handles & hinges ·        Wardrobe handles and     hinges ·        Super Asia Sanitary fittings ·        Concealed tanks and shower bodies ·      Wash basins and pedestals ·        Kitchen mixer and sink ·        Bath mixer ·        Faucets accessories ·        Muslim shower ·        Bathroom accessories ·        Bath tubs and Jacuzzi’s ·        Switch plates ·        Switch plates ·        Modern and classic chandeliers ·        Wooden doors ·        PVC doors
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