Things to Consider Before Buying LED TVs


What do you do when you get bored? Watch TV of course! From funny cartoons to mystery filled serials, a TV is a quintessential part of every household today!

Hence, are you planning to upgrade to a new version but overwhelmed with the variety available? For people with the least technical knowledge, buying a LED TV can be difficult. Should you go for a simple one? Which are the best-LED TV Brands in Pakistan? Should you go for a TV offering 4K resolution, is smart or produces clear sound?

Understanding your mind is filled with a million questions but fewer answers for them, Materialz1 has designed a platform that brings to you all the LED TVs brands available in Pakistan at a single platform. 

We deal in different LED TV models from brands like:

  • TCL
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Changhong Ruba
  • EcoStar
  • Haier
  • Sony
  • Orient
  • LG

From the smallest 32 inches to the biggest 55 inches, we have a huge variety that you will love! But wait! How would you know which LED TV is the best one?

Here is a list of things to consider before buying LED TVs so that you are sure of investing in the right product:

1.     Resolution: 4K Resolution or Standard?

LED today come embedded with the newest technology that we call 4K. But why is it important?

A TV with 4K resolution promises to deliver superior picture quality. The pixels are stronger and colors are sharp, hence providing you with a theatre-like feel at home!

2.     High Dynamic Resolution (HDR)

If the label on the LED box says “HDR”, you should go for the TV model without a second thought. Just like the 4K resolution, the HDR lets you enjoy your favourite movie or games in better color contrast and higher picture quality. 

The pixels are sharp and the quality never distorts so your entertainment is full-on! At Materialz1, we have LED TVs from renowned brands of Pakistan, consisting of the latest HDR and 4K technology so you get only the best.

3.     Sound Quality

What is a TV without good sound quality? Is your TV making funny noises that ruin all the fun? Well then, it is time you move to a newer version of an LED TV that delivers high-quality sound.

If you get a chance to read LED TVs reviews at, you’ll find out people hooting for TVs that offer Dolby sound audio. Remember, only a clear picture won’t do you any good! Rather if you wish to attain full experience, get your hands on a LED TV that promises to deliver superior sound quality too!

Why Choose Materialz1 to Buy an LED TV?

If your TV is broken or you just wish to install a new one, we’d suggest you quickly log on to, surf through the amazing variety of LED TVs available there in all sizes, place an order and get it delivered.

Purchasing such an expensive product from us gives you the satisfaction of high quality without risking your money. Moreover, we make sure to offer you the TVs at market competitive prices with a money-back guarantee, because for us, keeping you entertained is what matters the most!

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