Socket Reducing PPR-100- Popular Pipes

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63-50 PPR-100 Socket Reducing.

  • Poly propylene is the fastest growing polymer in pipe industry; its best quality is PPR-100 at present. PPR-100 simply means that the strength of the material is to withstand the pressure of 100 bar.
  • Its useful life is 50 years under 25 atm pressure at 20°C.Â
  • It is suitable to use between -20 °C and +95°C.  (Insulation must be applied by taking the freezing point of the fluid in the pipe.)Â
  • It has high resistance against chemical substances.Â
  • It is corrosion resistant.  Also it is calcification and rust-free.Â
  • They do not change the color, taste and smell of the water.
  • Has smooth and bright internal surfaces.Â
  • No diameter contraction in the welding points.  Has high welding performance.Â
  • Provides a saving of 70% in assembly and do not have assembly losses.Â
  • Maintains heat and sound insulation.Â
  • Highly fire-proof  (Ref: DIN 19560 and DIN 4102)
  • Environment-friendly.
  • The price is per unit.
Socket Reducing PPR-100- Popular Pipes
Socket Reducing PPR-100- Popular Pipes

 31 133
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