NU Putty (Gallon Size)

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NU Putty (Gallon Size).

Berger NU Putty is a ready-to-use high quality putty for interior use only. It forms an ideal base to give a smooth finish for water based paints. It should not be used on exterior surfaces. Ready-to-use Berger NU Putty is highly recommended where smooth performance is required. Berger NU Putty is designed for use on cement surfaces, concrete, chipboard, plywood, etc. NOTE: It is recommended that Berger NU Putty should be coated with a thin coat of Berger Plastron Primer if the subsequent finish to be applied is VIP Super Gloss Robbialac Enamel or All-Rounder Matt Finish Enamel. It is extremely essential to completely dry and free the surface from grease, dirt and dust by using sandpaper or scrapers before applying Berger NU Putty. NOTE: It is recommended that on previously painted surfaces, scrape to remove all old paint which is loose and flaking and apply a thin coat of Berger Plastron Primer before applying Berger NU Putty for a better finish.
Berger NU Putty under normal conditions surface dries within 2 hours and is ready for overcoating with finishing paint after 16 hours.
Berger NU Putty covers 5-7 meter square per kg per coat.

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