EasyGuard MATT (3.6 Liters)

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EasyGuard MATT (3.6 Liters).

This product is an exterior emulsion paint based on an acrylic copolymer emulsion. Offers good flow, hiding power, incan anti bacterial and colour retention properties. Has very low VOC. Provides a smooth, durable and washable matt finish. For use on exterior surfaces like concrete, cement plaster, masonry etc. where an environment friendly and smooth paint with good washability is required. The surface must be clean, dry, fully cured and totally free from dirt, dust, loose particles and other contaminations like oil, grease and chemicals like curing agents, form releasing agents etc. Remove all loose particles, sharp edges, nibs etc. by abrading the surface with sand paper, rubbing stone, stiff bristle brush etc. and remove the accumulated dust.

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