Concrete Solid Blocks


Size: 4"x8"x12"


Solid concrete blocks.

  • Availabel sizes are  (8 x 8 x 12) , (6 x 8 x 12), (4 x 8 x 12).
  • They are in fact fully solid.
  • The unit price is on the order of 500 Blocks. The price will change on the order of lesser or more quantity.
  • Some of these blocks are called stack-able stones, and some are called paving blocks. Stack-able stones have two sides that are made rough and irregular to mimic the appearance of natural stone.
  • The other four sides are perfectly flat and square to each other.
  • They are used to easily build strong walls that look like they are made of stone.
  • Natural stone is often irregular and difficult to fit together.
  • Paving blocks are flat and regular, made to be put together like tiles to form paths.

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