Marble Price in Pakistan

Marble Price in Pakistan – Introduction

Looking for Marble Price in Pakistan? We at Materialz1 gives you the Best Marble Prices of local as well as imported Marble. If you are building a House of 5-10 Marla, Marble would be Good Choice as the Price of Local Marble is obviously much less as compared to Local Tiles Available in Market. Durability of Local Marble is good as compared to local tiles. So before buying flooring for your new House do consider local Marble Price in Pakistan. We have compiled the list of Marble Price in Pakistan, so that you can have an idea about which Marble to choose when finalizing your Flooring.

Marble Price in Pakistan 2022

Marble Price in Pakistan 2022 is increasing due to heavy inflation. Two Main Color Combinations available in Market are:

White Marble Price in Pakistan

Beige Marble Price in Pakistan

These are the basic colors in Marble with different color variations. Local as well as Imported Marble Both are Available but it all depends on your budget which marble you will choose. We have mentioned Six of most Used Marbles in Market based on Durability, Quality and Price.

Sunny White Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1′ x 2′
80 Rs/sft95 Rs/sft

Tavera Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1′ x 2′
70 Rs/sft85 Rs/sft

Boticina Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1′ x 2′
180 Rs/sft225 Rs/sft

Verona Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1’x2′, 2’x2′, 4’x4′
125 Rs/sft150 Rs/sft

Ziarat White Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1’x2′, 2’x2′, 4’x4′
425 Rs/sft650 Rs/sft

Sunny Grey Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble
Size 1′ x 2′
60 Rs/sft75 Rs/sft

Black Marble Price in Pakistan

Local Floor Marble/Granite
Size 1’x2′, 2’x2′, 4’x4′
650 Rs/sft750 Rs/sft

Imported Marble Types Available in Market

A large amount of marble used for building is tile-shaped marble. Marble is sometimes used in small blocks and bricks for construction. A sheathing or covering material for a structure is largely made from marble. There are many types of marble tiles. We will discuss the differences between them in the next lines.

Crema-Marfil Marble:

Quarried in Spain crema-marfil is available in many different looks. Light beige and yellow tiles are the most well-known. They have the same background, veins and strength that can vary. Crema marfil is used in combination with other black stones for decoration, exterior and floor purposes. This is a popular choice for builders and homeowners due to its large market availability.

Carrara marble:

Available in white, gray, and blue colors. In the decoration and engraving of buildings and houses. This type of tile can be installed in a very simple way. It comes in a variety of textures, including thin, feathery, smooth or soft, with a stunning appearance. Easy to access and can be used in many residential buildings. It is often used in bathrooms and other areas that require a clean appearance, due to the brightly colored white paint.

Statuary marble tile is the sister to Carara Marble. The official marble has the same layer as the bright white tones, but with contrasting lines. They are even more striking. The bright white layer gives the marble a bright, shiny, bright glow and enhances any room.

Calacatta Marble:

These tiles can be mistaken for Calcata, Calcutta and Calacata. Calacatta marbles can be found in Carrara, Italy. They share many of the same characteristics as Carrara marbles like white-gray. Calacatta marbles have large, thick patterns of white with black veining. It can be combined with stainless steel sinks or white toilet paper to create a luxurious look in some homes. Calacatta is a rare luxury stone. Calacatta gold marble enhances the richness and can create warm and cool tones by matching different colors.

Emperador Marble:

Originally made in Spain in three regions, the stone is white to gray and can be mixed with Carrara and Calacatta. It also comes in a variety brown colors. It is known for its fine grains and irregular veins. Its dark color makes it great for a walk or fireplace.

Uses of Marble in Construction

Marble is a common material in architecture and construction. It is used to decorate homes and buildings. Marble is used in the construction of walls, floors, roofs, and other types sheathing. Marble is also used in subordinate cases

  • Marbles are used primarily for monuments, buildings and table tops.
  • Marble is used for laying the floor in rooms and yards.
  • Marbles can be used to climb and prevent erosion.
  • To prevent water leaks or leaks, marble is used in bathrooms and washrooms.
  • Marble is used as an outer wall covering to protect the walls against chemicals and sulfate.
  • For tomb symbols, marble is used.
  • Marble can be used to neutralize acid. Marble can be exposed to basements and walls to prevent acid from attacking them.
  • A sliding wall can be attached to a wall using marble.
  • Marble can be used to decorate or cover the pillars in a building.

Advantages of Using Marble on Floor

Marble in buildings offers many benefits beyond allowing for a clear view inside and out. It can also protect the building from weather and erosion, as well as heat protection and water leakage. These are just a few of the many benefits that marble offers.

  1. Marble can be used to protect floors and walls from chemical and sulfate attack.
  2. Marble is not porous enough to allow water to seep through the walls of bathrooms, toilets, and markets.
  3. Marble has a cooling effect because its white color is poor at heat conductivity.
  4. Because marble is resistant to erosion, it’s used for flooring.
  5. Marble adds beauty to a building’s exterior and is therefore used as a beauty aid.
  6. Marble is a soft, shiny material that can be easily washed and cleaned.
  7. Concrete does not have to be installed before marble is placed on a rowing wall made of marble.
  8. Marble is also a cost-effective option for wall coverings, as it does not require the use of whitewash.

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Which is the Cheapest Marble in Pakistan?

Typically, Sunny Grey is the most affordable marble. And although most Carrara is mined in Italy, the beautiful stone is found in China and other countries, too

How is Marble Price Calculated?

Good-quality Local marble starts at 60 Rupees per square foot. Add at least 10–15 per cent extra area of marble to the calculated quantity of marble. This extra quantity takes care of the wastage caused during cutting and laying of the marble floor.

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