Fiber Door Price in Pakistan

Looking for Fiber Door Price in Pakistan? In this article, you’ll discover all the information about Fiber Doors their pros and cons together with the most recent designs and Fiber Doors Prices in all major cities of Pakistan. If you’re planning to build the house of your dreams, your doors should be able to stand up to extreme weather conditions such as the heat, wind and even rain, and still look attractive enough to give the right impression on your guests. Fiber doors resemble the appearance of an old-fashioned wooden door, however it’s stronger and better choice as compared to the wooden front door. Fiber doors look similar to wooden doors, but they have the strength of steel doors, and offer an unbeatable insulation.

What is a Fiber Door?

Fiber doors offer a durable alternative to wooden doors. These Doors are adept at mimicking the appearance and feel of wooden doors, but without the risk of warping, rot and shrink or expand.

Fiber Door is comprised of three main parts: the frame, the core, and finally the skin.

The frame is typically constructed from wood or a strong composite material. The frame’s core is lined with a polyurethane-based insulating foam that is used for insulation as well as soundproofing. The door’s exterior is built with high-impact , compression-molded fiberglass.

Fiber doors are now the talk of the town because of some amazing advantages:

  • 100 Waterproof 98 %
  • 100% Weather resistant
  • 100% Termite proof
  • Patterns and designs with different styles
  • Cost effective
  • Long Life

Fiber Door Price in Pakistan

Fiber Door Price in Pakistan is different in all Major cities, so if you are looking for the Best Fiber Door Price in Pakistan we have complied a list of Fiber Door Price in Pakistan in all Major Cities so that you can have an idea of Price According to your City.

Fiber Door Price in Lahore

360 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Faisalabad

350 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Rawalpindi

350 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Karachi

750 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Gujranwala

350 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Islamabad

550 Rs/sft Approx

Fiber Door Price in Peshawar

450 Rs/sft Approx

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Pros and Cons of Fiber Door

Pros and Cons of Fiber Door

If you are using Fiber Doors and Stuck on whether you use it or not? For that reason we have listed all the pros and cons of using Fiber Doors in your House, Read thoroughly and then decide whether these Fiber Doors are Best Choice for Your New House of Not?

Pros of Using Fiber Doors:

  1. Opting for a fiberglass-based door is certainly an easier and more robust choice over the long term. They don’t easily warp or break, or corrosion or rust. Therefore, they are durable and doesn’t require maintenance from time to time.
  2. Fiberglass doors offer a range of choices available on the market. There are a variety of sizes that come with distinctive designs and colors. They definitely provide flexibility when you are looking to buy doors that are new, with an array of choices available to for the best style you want.
  3. Fiberglass is very elegant and refined appearance which is very similar to the appearance of wood but it is more durable. It’s an extremely fashionable choices available that will give you the most memorable first impression for anyone who enters your house.
  4. Fiberglass doors add more insulation for your home and are also the most energy efficient option over the long term. They reduce how much heat that is able to enter your home, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home, and giving an extra feeling of relaxation.
  5. Fiberglass doors aside from their strength and durability, are also the more secure choice over the long term. A lot of fiberglass doors have security locks that deter elements as well as ward off criminals and make you feel you are more secure and safe.
  6. A lot of them are covered by an assurance to cover them that is what draws many people to buy a fiberglass door.

Cons of Using Fiber Doors:

  1. Fiberglass doors are expensive in comparison to other wooden or medium-range doors on the market. When compared to standard wooden doors, steel and vinyl they are the most costly option available. But they are also more robust.
  2. It’s difficult to measure down the fiberglass door to the proper dimensions of your house. Manufacturers don’t produce single doors with a smaller size. If your door isn’t an average size, you could encounter some difficulties in obtaining an individual fiberglass doors.
  3. The process of fitting the fitting and installing fiberglass doors requires the expertise of a professional. This means it’s not like for wooden doors where can be installed on your own. That means you’ll need to cover the extra cost to hire an expert to put in the door.

7 Most Popular Design of Fiber Doors in Pakistan

Since there are a lot of Fiber Door Designs available in Market, But Out of all those we have selected the Most Popular 7 Fiber Door Designs in Pakistan which are mentioned below.

Fiber Door Oval Design

The perfect dual layer Fiber door with an oval panel design that is available at Materialz1. After you’ve installed the doors, you will are covered by a life time assurance. Do not be concerned about termite, weather effects, attach, or water effects. Fiber door is completely resistant against any of these challenges.

Fiber Door Arch Design

People are always on the lookout for new trends and this door is ideal for those who are constantly concerned about it. Homes and offices that have this eye-catching door design made of fiber look more stylish. The upper arch and the wooden grove blend look amazing on your entryway. The design is available in two distinct patterns, one that does not have groves on the panel while the other has vertical groves on panel. It is possible to purchase this design in a variety of colors too.

The main feature of this door design can be found in the smoothness of smoothness on the surface. The upper corves too are available in a variety of arch designs. One is a slide bend while the other is a full-bended carving over the panel.

Fiber Door Four Panels Design

The curvy four panel style another sign of class and sophistication You can call it the most striking fiber door in Pakistan. Materialz1 was proud to present this door that is made from modern composite material that has amazing characteristics of weather and water resistant door. The pattern on the exterior of the door is so distinctive and stylish.

Fiber Door Round Arch Design

Two square panels with arch and a rounded central arch that is beautiful blemish. Perfect option for your bedroom entrance. Double ply layer of fiber makes it stronger.

Fiber Door 5 Panel D-Shape

Clifton design fiber door, most loved door design in Pakistan. It is a perfect blend of style and design. 5 Panel with D-shape design transform this door into a great option for single bedroom doors bathroom doors, double Door Pair for Main entry doors. Nearly every home in Pakistan have this style of door, and we’re sure that you will put it in the entrance of your home.

Fiber Door 6 Panel Design

It is not necessary to explain the types of door made of fiber, 6-panel design is among the most sought-after designs acknowledged worldwide. Take a look and feel the quality and quality of the design we offer you. Install it at the door of your home and you and your friends will be impressed by your choice of door for your bedroom entrance or front door entry.

Fiber Door Wooden Grooves Design

Plane Panel with wooden groves on it, an ideal choice to transform your bedroom’s entrance into a stunning to you enter. Wooden groves are carved over the surface

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