Factors to Consider When Choosing Flooring Designs

The flooring in any house, office or commercial building makes a huge impact on the ambience and impression it makes on people. It can make people warm up to your instantly or feel on edge and very limited. So, we insist on you making the right choice depending on where you need flooring designs for, i.e. office, home, or commercial setting.

If you need new flooring or if you plan to renovate and replace old ones, then there is more to consider than just aesthetic appeal. There is a variety of materials used to manufacture floorings. Some materials make them durable and long-lasting, while others make them weak and prone to wear and tear. Depending on your budget, you may have to choose either the best and pricy ones, or less costly and weaker floorings. Nonetheless, to make it easier for you to choose flooring designs, here are some factors to consider:

Traffic on the Floor

We recommend considering durable and hard flooring like those made of marble if you are looking for new tiles for the hallway. Likewise, if you are looking for tiles for a commercial setting, where there will be several people visiting, go for marble or tiles made from vinyl.

If you are looking for new tiles to renovate your home, if you have kids and pets, we recommend going for tiles that do not stain. There will be spills and permanent staining can ruin the beauty of the house. Sometimes, even if you opt for wall-to-wall carpeting, you may need to put some gum. This can cause permanent staining. You can consider laminated flooring as well.

For bedrooms and washrooms, we have numerous other ideas, so feel free to consult us.

Color Theme of Your Building or Area

It is important to choose tiles that compliment the color of your walls and make space look better. Sometimes, a wrong color combination can make the space look dull or uninviting. We usually recommend going for bright colors if the walls are plain white. Alternatively, for walls with bright colors, we recommend going for light-coloured flooring.

Maintenance of the Floor

If you are looking for new tiles for an office or commercial building, then consider how often you would have to mop and clean the floors. If you need frequent cleaning, then we recommend going for vinyl or marble tiles that do not get affected by cleaning agents.

Plain, Patterns, or Abstract Designs

Nowadays, technology allows us to manufacture tiles of different designs. Some have patterns, others are plain, and some have abstract designs. You must always make sure that the designs match the walls and other decorative items in the space. The tiles must also suit the furniture to make the ambience very appealing. Using the wrong combination can make the space soar for one’s sight. At Materialz1 we have different styles and types of flooring themes. We have some that are Chinese, Iranian, Spanish, Pakistani, Turkish, and others. Feel free to explore our inventory.

If you need more guidance or information, you can contact us today for more assistance.

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