Polyethylene Pipes (P.E) Pipes PN-8/SDR-21-Dadex

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T-flex HDPE Pipe Are Systematically Designed for the Applications of many and Non Pressure like Water Supply and Distribution, Hazardous water, Compressed air Chemicals mining, and agriculture, utility, slurries, marine.
T-flex pipes are Manufactured and offered by Dadex from polyethylene compounds.
This is the Reason that T-flex provides professionals an option to select the most reliable pipes system according to the demands of various projects.
T-flex pipes have High Resistance abrasion Excellency with Super resistance impact and extraordinary toughness and are Resistant to a broad range of corrosive chemicals.
T-flex pipes don’t support biological growth and resist the scale of adherence and deposits.

T-flex pipes are made up with Polyethylene PE 100 black compound sourced from the finest manufactures

Standard Lengths
The Standard length of coils is up to 50m and 100m lengths of 6m and 12m up to 630mm.

Identification Stripes and Colors
T-flex pipes are manufactured in the Black color that comes up with Blue Yellow-colored stripes and As per standards Application, black color is only without stripes. Dadex Standard marking identify Application (water, gas, Cable duct, etc.)

Technical Classifications
Pressure Rating of HDPE-T flex

T-flex pipes have maximum Working Pressure and the range starts from 6, 8, 10, 12.5, and up to PN 16 bar.
The pressure of Nominal (PN) corresponds to the maximum allowable working pressure in the bar for pipe at 20 Degree Celsius including pressure surge.
Allowance of Adequate surge Allowance must be taken by the pipeline designer into account.

Max Working Pressure of PP and PE fittings:
10 bar( Compression type)
8-16 bars (Butt fusion Type)

Cold Bending Radii (CBR):
CBR in Meters at 20 Degree Celsius = 22* Outside Diameter of Pipe

 T- FLEX UV Resistant
T-flex carries carbon black as a UV stabilizer and by using UV absorbers it is the most widely and efficient as well.
Harmful Ultraviolet radiation by carbon black and converts into harmless infrared radiation or thermal energy,
which dissipates through the polymer matrix neutralizing the harmful effect of UV. Although T-flex is safe to use in exposed conditions and is UV resistant.

What are the Fields of Application

Chilled Water Piping
Crude Oil Dredging
Hazardous Waste
Sea Water Effluents
Utility Piping
Compressed Air(buried)
Cool Slurry
De-Watering Pipes
Drilling Mud
fire Water Mains
Out Fall Pipelines
Sewage Treatment
Storage Tank Piping
Water Supply And Distribution
Cable Conduits
Cooling Water
Drain Lines /Industrial Effluents
Drip Irrigation /Sprinkle Irrigation
Fly Ash
Process Piping
Sludge Piping
Underground Services Gas (manufactured as per ISO 4437)

T-Flex Pipes offers overall better Resistance to corrosive acid, alkalis, and salts.

As well as T-flex pipes do not corrode, rust, or rot that makes them More Reliable to their Users.

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