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PN-20 PPR Pipe 4M -Dadex
Dadex PN-20 PPR Pipe 4M -Dadex
From Rs.720 Rs.1,199
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Save Rs.900
Screw Tap with Handle-PPR-Dadex
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Save Rs.697
Ball Tap with Handle-PPR-Dadex
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Save Rs.182
Elbow 90 degree Threaded w/t Union-Dadex
Save Rs.335
Coupling Threaded w/t Union-Dadex
Save Rs.280
Female Threaded Elbow 90 degree-Dadex
Save Rs.360
Male Threaded Elbow 90 degree-Dadex
Save Rs.270
Female Threaded Adaptor-Dadex
Save Rs.340
Male Threaded Adaptor-Dadex
Save Rs.47
Reducing Tee-PPR-Dadex
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Save Rs.24
Reducing Coupler/Socket-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.320
Female Threaded Tee-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.420
Male Threaded Tee-PPR-Dadex
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Save Rs.180
Cross Piece-PPR-Dadex
Dadex Cross Piece-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.270 Rs.450
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Save Rs.2,175
Shut-Off Valve-PPR-Dadex
Dadex Shut-Off Valve-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.3,263 Rs.5,438
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Save Rs.69
Curved Pipe-PPR-Dadex
Dadex Curved Pipe-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.105 Rs.174
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Save Rs.20
Pipe Bracket-PPR-Dadex
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Save Rs.206
Stub End-PPR-Dadex
Dadex Stub End-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.311 Rs.517
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Save Rs.26
End Cap-PPR-Dadex
Dadex End Cap-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.41 Rs.67
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Save Rs.32
Equal Tee-PPR-Dadex
Dadex Equal Tee-PPR-Dadex
From Rs.49 Rs.81
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Save Rs.32
Elbow 45 degree-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.28
Elbow 90 degree-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.18
Save Rs.220
Flanged Elbow Female Threaded-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.10
Hole Repairing Plug-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.250
PPR Circuit Test Plug-PPR-Dadex
Save Rs.63

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