Changhong Ruba DC Inverter SDH-12BW (Heat & Cool) 1 Ton

Save Rs.3,175

Rs.60,324 Rs.63,499


Model: SDH-12BW

• Heat & cool for use in all seasons             
• Golden fins evaporator & condenser     
• 100% full copper connecting pipe            
• Turbo cooling and heating   


Energy saving up to 70%              
Heat & cool for use in all seasons             
Golden fins evaporator & condenser     
100% full copper connecting pipe            
Turbo cooling and heating           
Energy saving up to 70%              
Bigger IDU          
New control PCB and Low voltage start 
low voltage start up (135v)         
Elegant White Panel     

Turbo cooling and heating
1 Ton (Heat & Cool)
DC inverter
70% Energy Saving

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