COB vs. SMD Lights

In this article, we will enlighten you about the difference between typed of ceiling lights. Keep reading because this is very important. Let us start by explaining what COB and what SMD lights are.

Over the years, LED lights have become even better, and offer more efficient solutions for power saving. Today, there are some very remarkable LED light models available in the market. They are usually better and more famous among people as compared to the traditional incandescent lights of the past. The reason for this is because LED lights can last 25 times much longer than the old lights. Moreover, they use less energy in comparison. We recommend choosing which one is ideal for you depending on your energy consumption and level of efficiency you need.

Difference between COB and SMD Lights

Today, LED lights are available in a variety of models. Now let us look at the difference between COB and SMD lights.


Surface Mounted Device or SMD are LEDs and the most common on the market. They have a LED chip fused permanently or mounted on the circuit board. These SMD lights are very famous because of the versatility they offer. You can easily find them in most devices. They come in various sizes, some even fit inside mobile devices, or electronic that can accommodate a chip size as small as 3.5 to 5mm wide.


COB or Chip on Board is a technological advancement that makes energy efficiency even more achievable. COB and SMD both have multiple diodes on the surface. However, one major difference is that COB LEDs have more diodes than SMD LEDs do.

Typically, COB chips have at least nine diodes. No matter how many diodes these have, they have a single circuit and two contacts. The simple design is why they have a panel-like appearance.

However, unlike SMDs the COB lights cannot create or change colors. They require multiple channels and adjustments if you want to create different colors. The reason for this is their having one circuit and two contacts. COBs are more energy-efficient than SMDs, but not a versatile technology.

Another important difference between COB and SMD LED lights is that they use different energies. COB has better heat efficiency and lumen-per-watt. The reason for this is the design of the COB LEDs. They have a cooling ceramic substrate in the chips that make it better.


It is important to keep in mind that before the development of COB and SMD LEDs, traditional bulbs ere heavy-duty technology. Floodlights were also another form of light often used. LED lights became better because of the less high lumen output in comparison with old lights. You would need multiple LED sources to produce high lumen output.

However, COB chips take care of this issue because they produce a large number of lumens, with the use of less energy. You can find all types of bulbs in the market. The lumens range from a minimum of 80 lumens per watt to any number. There are too many options out there.

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