CEMENT: A Modern Building Material


Cement is the most significant material within the construction industry, thus is in high demand. It has primary building components that decide its quality and price. Chemical Composition of Cement is as follows.

Compound Formula Shorthand form
Calcium oxide (lime) Ca0 C
Silicon dioxide (silica) SiO2 S
Aluminium oxide (alumina) Al2O3 A
Iron oxide Fe2O3 F

The result is a greyish powdery substance used for binding together the rest of the construction materials. Thus, its main aim is to bind together the aggregates that otherwise are useless in the construction methods. The innovation in the construction industry leading to the fabrication of cement has been a huge milestone for mankind.


Use of good construction material

The benefits of using cement are extensive and usually vary with the type of cement being used. However, the sole purpose of binding remains unchanged. Cement is linked with the lowest carbon footprint in the building materials. This statistic matters greatly due to the ever-increasing global pollution. The carbon footprint responds to the amount of carbon dioxide being discharged into the atmosphere around. Since the extreme levels of this gas is harmful to life on earth. For these reasons, there is a need to incorporate greenness in daily life to the maximum extent possible. This is not only beneficial for the current generation but for all the next to come. The non-ephemeral materials being used in construction should all possess the character of a low carbon footprint. Cement fulfils this purpose, thus is widely used.

Stability and durability are perhaps the most essential traits of a structure. To shelter the inhabitants from natural calamities such as quakes and tornadoes, it is imperative to choose a smart building material. The innovations in the form of cement are widely known and appreciated. Thus, it is known for its wide use and popular tensile strength. However, different brands of cement offer varying strengths of the cement. These specs are looked into before purchasing that particular brand of cement. Reading these strengths is unchallenging and can be deciphered from the grades marked upon the cement bags. Numerous grades of cement are available in the market, with the higher grades being better than the predecessor ones. The environmental conditions and the mode of usage of the cement also affect the choosing decisions.

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