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Architects in Lahore – Introduction

Are you looking for Architects in Lahore ? We know from experience that it will be difficult to find the best architects in Lahore, regardless of what you say. Materialz1 has worked hard to find and rank the 10 Best Architects in Lahore. Lahore’s architectural style is unique in that, unlike western architecture which focuses on functional architecture, Lahore’s architecture focuses more on making statements than anything else. Lahore art is a worldwide favorite and attracts tourists from all parts of the globe.

The fundamentals of architecture have been revolutionized by the changing economic and industrial patterns. There has been an increase in the adoption of American and Western architecture styles due to changes in lifestyles. This trend is evident in architecture, with local architects offering new perspectives and ideas.

What defines a Good Architecture?

It’s hard to determine what the qualities of a quality architecture are as there is a constant and long-lasting debate on what the word “architecture” actually refers to in the context of enterprise systems in the twenty-first century. In the early centuries, Roman architect Vitruvius identified three traits of a good architectural style. These are the principles:

  • Incredibly, it is the sole preserved text from antiquity detailing the structure.
  • Durability – It ought to hold up well and last for a long time
  • Utility – It must be helpful and efficient for the people who are using it

Beauty should be a source of joy for people and lift the spirits of those around them. Architectures must be able to fulfill both form and function , and it is an excellent test for an architect to gauge its quality. An architectural structure that is properly planned will appear elegant and simple of design that is evident to those who spend the time to study it.

List of 10 Best Architects in Lahore

Sr #Architects in LahoreLocationContact Info
1Faisal Associates ( Architects & Interior Designers )18- CCA, DHA Phase 50300-4018850
2Archi Cubes (Architects & Interior Designer)45-D1, Block D 1 Gulberg III(042)-35771464
3AenZay ( Interiors & Architects )59-U, New Garden Town0344-4446022
4Sadia and Ammar Associates ( Architects )64/15 Sarfaraz Road, Cantt0333-4601643
5Amer Adnan Associates ( Architects )17, Block E2 Gulberg III(042)-35774353
6Turab Ali Khan Architects17-CCA, DHA Phase 6(042)-37102720
7WOW Architects178-B Airport Road, Block B0331-5123713
8SM Design Works78, Block C Model Town0336-4558833
9DXB InteriorsOffice 222, Country Homes Lahore0304-4901118
10Arcon Associates Architects & EngineersOffice No 1 Nehal Plaza Khuda Baksh0333-4444555

Five Important Qualities that Architect Needs

Let’s delve deeper into some of the qualities that will turn an Ordinary Architect into one of the Best professional architect and stand out from the crowd.

  • Mastering the numerical.
  • Be creative.
  • Impeccable design skills.
  • Commercial awareness.
  • Good artistic and drawing skills

10 Best Architects in Lahore with Reviews

Faisal Associates

The first company to offer outstanding design and architectural solutions is Faisal Associates (Architects, Engineers & Interior Designers). The company is situated in the prime area in DHA Phase 5, this architectural firm is well-known throughout all of the country for their excellent services. This business is ideal for you if in search of a partner to assist you in planning and designing. This company is specialized in interior designing, architecture and construction. Their wide range of portfolios speaks to their superior services and accomplishments. The firm does not just deal with residential , but also commercial projects as well , such as offices, restaurants schools, convention centers, school buildings and even private offices.

Archi Cubes Architects & Interior Designer

This business is ideal for you if seeking a professional to assist you plan and design. This company is specialized in interior design, architecture and construction. Their extensive portfolio demonstrates their superior services and accomplishments. The firm does not just deal with commercial, but residential projects too, including offices, restaurants and schools, convention centres, schools and offices for private clients.

The award-winning architects offer all of these services at affordable costs. They also offer a free consultation to all its loyal customers. The support team is available 14/7 to address your questions and questions to ensure you feel at relaxed.

AenZay Interiors & Architects

AenZay Interiors and Architects is another well-known company in Lahore. They have a skilled team of architects & Interior Designers who leave no stone unturned in providing you with the top quality services at a reasonable cost. The company specializes in Interior Designing/Building offices, homes and showrooms. Additionally, Aenzay is the best architect in Lahore that has been certified ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 in safety, quality reliability, and satisfaction. Bid group One awarded Aenzay I& A in the year 2018 International Bid Quality Achievements in the gold category for exceptional accomplishment, persistence and leadership in quality and excellence by The QC 100 Criteria London on the 18th of November, 2018. If you’re seeking an outstanding architect in Lahore You should think about this company.

Sadia and Ammar Associates

Sadia and Ammar Associates is one of the most famous architects in Pakistan established with their operations in Lahore city in the year 2011. since their beginning, they have been winning the hearts of their customers with their top-quality service. The company specializes exclusively with Conceptual Designing and rendering state modern consultancy services related to Interior Design, Architecture Master Planning/Urban Planning as well as landscaping and renovation.

Administration of contracts, quality assurance monitoring of schedules and bills’ verification, as well as attending to disputes and claims as well as giving advise to the client on every aspect of his obligations and rights under the contract.

Amer Adnan Associates

The next architectural company that we have on this list would be Amer Adnan Associates. It is an architecture and design firm which focuses on creating environments that promote the well-being and comfort of its clients. Amer Adnan Associates was brought to life in 2002 , with the majority of its commercial and residential projects occurring throughout the Punjab region. The AAA team provides architecture design as well as construction services across the country with a focus on Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.

Turab Ali Khan Architects

Turab Ali Khan is an skilled contemporary architect who is licensed by the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. With more than 10-years of professional experience this company is among the most sought-after architects in Lahore. It focuses on Architecture Design, Interior Design and Renovations as well as Landscape Design. Turab Ali Khan Architects charge 120 Rs/square foot to work on Residential Design Projects & 150Rs/sqft for Commercial Design Projects. The company offers a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from residential, Interiors, Commercial projects and Institutional projects to corporate projects Landscapes as well as Joint Ventures.

WOW Architects

WOW architect is an innovative architectural firm with multiple branches across Pakistan. The firm has been in business for over 10 years and has a number of architectural projects to its name. The company is primarily involved within Architecture Design, Interior Design, Renovations, and Landscape Design.

SM Design Works

The next architectural company on our list of top architectural firms is SM Design works. It is a business. It is located in the center of Lahore and is well-known to the general public for its highly skilled Architects Interior Designers, Interior Designers and artists. The firm has been operating for over 8 years and offers services like: Interior design, Drapes, Floor tiling, Furniture assembly.

DXB Interiors

DXB is an interior design and architecture firm, with its headquarters in Lahore. The company has extensive experience providing international and national customers, including clients who are from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. They transformed the old-fashioned architectural business in Pakistan by incorporating the most recent design trends and the latest design concepts in Pakistan. The company is able to offer a wide collection of projects across Pakistan as well as across the United Arab Emirates as well comprising studio apartments as well as villas, apartments and condominiums.

Arcon Associates

Arcon Associates Pakistan is a well-known firm that offers a broad array of services that include Architectural Design, Planning, General Construction, Construction Management, Real Estate Advisory, Property Investment, and Property development Solutions in Lahore. They have 60-years of experience in both the international and local construction and architectural design industry. Arcon Associates offer a wide range of architectural solutions that span from simple in size to huge and complicated. This includes construction of new buildings, additions and renovations study of feasibility, masterplans and major expansions in diverse sectors like commercial, residential and cultural, as well as public and education.

What makes an Excellent Architect?

An Architect who is good at knowing everything about a project is a good architect, but to become an Excellent Architect there are alot more things you have to learn. One way is to constantly communicate with their superiors and asking for feedback to ensure they do the right thing.

Who is the best architect in Pakistan?

Faisal Associates (Architects, Engineers & Interior Designers) is a top-rated company that offers outstanding design and architectural solutions. This architectural firm is located in DHA Phase 5 and is known throughout the country for its excellent services.

These services are offered by this award-winning architecture company at very affordable price. All loyal customers receive a complimentary consultation. To ensure that you feel relaxed, the support team is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

How much do Architects charge per Square foot in Pakistan?

The Architect costs starts from 150 Rs. per square foot. Depending on your design whether its Modern or Classic Price varies from around 150 Rs/sft to 450 Rs/sft.

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