Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan

Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan – Introduction

If you are looking for Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan? You should read this Article to learn about different Aluminium Sections, types of windows along with their Price in Pakistan. When it comes to Windows it is an important part of framing the appearance and feel of your house. Different curtains can be chosen to match the theme and color of your room. It takes a lot of effort and time to choose the right material for your windows and find the best manufacturer. Before you make your final decision, however, there’s one more thing that you should consider: the style of windows that your house will have.

Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan Today 26 July,2022

Since Aluminium Windows Price Depends upon 3 main Factors. Firstly Size of the Window, Door or Opening where you want to install this Window. Secondly It depends upon Section thickness of Aluminium Used in Framing and lastly it depends upon the Quality or Brand that you have selected for the Aluminium Windows of your House. We at Materialz1 have gathered a list of Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan so that you have an Idea about which Brand to Choose & at which Price.

Chawla Aluminium Rates in Pakistan

Size 8′ x 6′
Thickness 1.6mm
850 – 950 Rs/sft

Alco Aluminium Price in Pakistan

Size 8′ x 6′
Thickness 1.6mm
800 – 900 Rs/sft

Master Aluminium Price in Pakistan

Size 8′ x 6′
Thickness 1.6mm
750 – 850 Rs/sft

Prime Aluminium Price in Pakistan

Size 8′ x 6′
Thickness 1.6mm
950 – 1100 Rs/sft

How to Calculate Aluminium Window Rate?

In order to calculate the Cost of Aluminium Windows first you need to know the Dimensions/Size of the Windows. Thickness is also required to put in the Rate of Aluminium. Once you have the Dimensions just calculate the total Area of Window and Multiply it with Rate of Aluminium to Calculate the Final Cost of Windows. For example if you have window of 8 by 8 feet estimate cost will be as;

8×8 = 64 square feet. Multiply total sq feet to the price per square feet. i.e 64×850 = 54,400. Cost of 8×8 feet Aluminum window is around Rs. 54,400. Similarly in order to calculate the total cost of windows of the House just calculate the total Area and then Multiple it with Rate of Aluminium to get the total Aluminium Cost of House.

Which Brand Aluminium is Best for Windows?

In order to Select the Best Aluminium Brand there are a few factors that need to be understand. Only after that we can say which Brand is the Best of all. Like First is the Quality of Aluminium Being Produced by the Factory, then look at the Raw Material with which they have Produced Aluminium and lastly the Plant itself.

If you have good Raw Materials and Cheaper Plant you can never produce Best Product. If you want to Produce that you should good Raw Materials and the Best Plant. Right Now in Pakistan Market Chawla is one of the Best Aluminium Product Brand. Due to their top notch Plant and by using good Raw Material they are Producing the Best Aluminnium in Pakistan.

Which Window is Best Aluminium or UPVC?

UPVC has been a popular and effective choice for window frames since the 1980s. It is a strong material that can resist rot for long periods of time. UPVC frames are also very easy to maintain, which adds greatly to their appeal. The frames will eventually need to be replaced as they start to degrade over the next 30 years, just like any other material.

Aluminium frames of high quality can last up to 50 years, sometimes even longer. These frames are immune to rust and will not be affected by the elements over time. Aluminium frames don’t degrade as quickly as UPVC frames.

Both UPVC and Aluminium windows are durable and weather-resistant. Aluminium windows can last for up to 50 years while uPVC lasts up to 30.

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