5 Types of Tiles You Must Have for Home Renovation

We all want to find new ways to add style and elegance to our homes. When you decide to renovate, the first thing you would want to do is change the flooring. Floor Tiles play a very important role in home improvement, but selecting the best one can be a daunting decision. Whether you need tiles for the bedroom, washroom, or kitchen, you need some guidance. We are here with a suggestion of five types of tiles to explore:

Pakistani Flooring & Washroom Tiles

These tiles have a decorative and colorful combination. However, the options are limitless. You can find tiles ranging from plain solid colors, to some with abstract designs, and others with artistic floral patterns, each in a huge variety of colors. Pakistani tiles sometimes are plain in color, others have a plain colored pattern. If you want tiles in solid colors then you can find numerous options in our collection. Every home has a unique theme, so be sure that you will find something ideal for your home right here.

Turkish Flooring & Washroom Tiles

Turkish tiles are unique in their own way and have a classic middle-eastern style. You will find these available in fascinating decorative designs that light up the room, kitchen, or even the bathroom. These look amazing and attractive in a unique way. Feel free to check the options available in our store. Some Turkish flooring have geometric designs, some have floral patterns. You can also find some in plain colours with more shine. We source our Turkish style tiles from the best suppliers.

Chinese Flooring & Washroom Tiles

If you want to have a more Chinese touch to your home or interior décor, then we have some special floorings. Even for the washroom, you will find something amazing in our collection. Chinese tiles do come with a balanced flow of energy and designs. We are sure you will love what we have. The tiles we have, reflect the Chinese culture as best as they can. We source our tiles from some of the best Chinese suppliers.

Irani Flooring & Washroom Tiles

Irani flooring makes a statement of its own. It has a renaissance sorts of touch and makes any living space look amazing. The washroom tiles make it look brighter, calming, and unique in a very classic manner. Some tiles are floral while others have abstract designs on them. These tiles are difficult to find in the country, so we make sure we source our collection from the best in the market.

Spanish Flooring & Washroom Tiles

At Materialz1, we have a huge collection of Spanish tiles. The designs vary from simple checkered patterns to plain solid-coloured tiles. If you want something with floral and geometric patterns, we have some of those as well. You can always explore our inventory online to find something that intrigues you. We make sure it is possible to find these tiles in the country and often import them from suppliers abroad.

We guarantee the best quality in every tile you purchase from us. Moreover, we guarantee that they will be affordable and delivered to you in the best condition. Feel free to talk to us to place your order.

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