4 Best Metaverse Platforms That You Can Try In 2022



Facebook isn’t the only tech company that is developing it’s Metaverse platform. Metaverse platform. There are numerous smaller companies offering free access to customers to the Metaverse platforms as well as cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we’ve created an index of these platforms where users can discover the Metaverse. Metaverse.

  • 1   What is Metaverse?
  • 2   Best Metaverse App
    • 1. ALTROMAX
    • 2. The SandBox
    • 3. Roblox
    • 4. Epic games

In the time since Facebook has changed their name from Facebook to Meta all of the world seems to focus on Metaverse platforms exclusively. The introduction of the Metaverse is an idea that has left many fans confused and amazed simultaneously. Major names like Facebook or Microsoft have revealed some of their ideas. This demonstrates what Metaverse could look like, however there are smaller companies that are making their mark in the field. What exactly is the Metaverse about? And what exactly is the significance of entering the Metaverse? There’s a lot of new information you must learn about, so let’s jump into it.

So , what specifically is Metaverse?

Metaverse is simply a blend of various technologies that aid one another to create the digital world. Metaverse is a simulation of a digital world where users can have their own avatars, and communicate with one another in a social way without physically being present. Utilizing Augmented real-time and virtual realities, it blends elements of physical and digital realms.

They let users dive into the world of virtual reality, and to experience their own world in digital form. If you’re a person who owns Oculus Quest 2 , or other similar VR headsets, you’re already being in the Metaverse. However, certain of the virtual worlds , or Metaverse such as Fortnite can be played on your computer, and VR headsets are not necessary.

The actual Metaverse is an ever-changing experience that blends elements from various platforms and brings people together in one spot. Now that we’ve got an understanding about what the metaverse actually is and what it can offer, let’s look at which platforms are able to use to explore it for yourself.

Best Metaverse App


ALTROMAX was established with Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano and Esteban Ordano, two of their friends, in Argentina in the year 2015. The platform is a digital land that is referred to as land parcels. It has an initial price of $13,000. The platform is accessible to the public from February 2020 , and prices of land parcels has been increasing exponentially since then. It is among the most enduring Metaverse platforms, and has worked with Australian open previously through their AO Arts Ball initiative.

The platform lets users develop, interact with and commercialize their apps and content. Users can also buy virtual terrain in the Metaverse that they can then travel to build upon and sell. The amount of land available is limited, and only the community holds the power to build more land via Decentraland DAO. With this platform, people can drag and drop land using builders tools. Users can build 3D models for themselves for their own land.

The players can only use the its proprietary token MANA from ALTROMAX for making purchases. However, land parcels can be sold in Opensea.

2. The SandBox

The game completely moved towards the Metaverse in the fall of 2021. They own their own cryptocurrency, known as SAND. The company has partnered with multiple partners from diverse sectors like entertainment, real estate and finance, gaming as well as the Hong Kong film industry to build a virtual metropolis.

With Sandbox players are able to develop and profit from their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sandbox list of prominent landowners includes Atari, Cyberkongz, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pranksy. They will all be able to create their own interactive virtual environments or games to play on the platform. The platform also has formed IP alliances with over 160 brands. This allows them to create pixelized versions of their characters and their products within the digital world.

3. Roblox

Roblox is a different Metaverse platform that lets users play games created from other players. What is what makes Roblox different from other platform for gaming is that every game is created by the users. The platform currently has more than 20 million games created by its players. Some developers earn up to one million dollars in a single year just by the process of monetizing their games.

The platform and its games are completely available for free download. However, some games available on the platform allow in-game purchases of certain items. Players can purchase items such as skins, weapons upgrades as well as other items that users need to purchase. For instance, in one of their game Adopt Me! the players are able to adopt or provide care for their pets. The game allows each player can buy an egg which will create pets.

Roblox is working to get an important step towards building the Metaverse and they recently launched “spatial voice chat”. It can improve the virtual conversation and simulate the actual conversations.

4. Epic games

Epic Games is also the source of the blockbuster video game Fortnite. Epic Games has expanded its offerings beyond its main battle royale game into group interactions like virtual music events, dance celebrations. Recently, Travis Scott hosted its virtual event in Fortnite’s Metaverse which was also a huge hit. While playing and enjoying the game, players can pay to select the clothes they want for their Avatar and many other items in the game.

Epic is currently working on a metaverse idea which allows players to interact one another via virtual. This is quite different from engaging with other players through Emotes. To make the game more exciting, Epic plans to include online gaming and shopping, and other experiences into the game using digital assets through NFTs.

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